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MedSyn is the synergistic collaboration of different complementary therapists whose aim is to offer the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Our Approach

Putting the patient at the centre of our multidisciplinary setting is the foundation of our approach whilst you are in our care.

The combination of skills and clinical experiences owned by each of our therapists at MedSyn allows for a wider scope of treatment possibilities and more clinical success.


In a society where conventional medicine separates and compartmentalises disease from disease, a clinic that reunites the disciplines of medicine to treat the ‘whole’ is valuable for the patient who wants to heal in a more natural and wholesome way.

“The disease is nothing, the terrain is everything”, Louis Pasteur had already demonstrated this more than a century ago, and Antoine Béchamp before him.

Complementary therapies share the same basic principle that the body is able to heal itself when placed in an environment favourable for the healing to take place. Self-regulation abilities unique to each individual are stimulated by treatment to rebalance the energy systems within the body.

Whether Chinese medicine, osteopathy, massage, sophrology, homeopathy, or a combination of therapies, the aim is to achieve a more optimal state of health. However, there will be therapies more suited to the complaint and the person in question. In order to respond to your needs and tailor the treatment accordingly, we will discuss the possible options available to you.




Further, our goal is to work alongside conventional medicine to improve treatment outcomes and to optimise short, medium or long term therapeutic strategies.

As such, we are happy to work with your doctor or specialist if the medical condition calls for it.

It is our endeavour to receive each patient with the greatest of respect by creating individualised care.

Our centre is a place of wellness where everyone is listened to, where you can find the space to allow your body to heal and your health to be nurtured.