Lymphatic drainage and compression therapy

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle manual therapy that redirects lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes in order to reduce the volume of peripheral lymph.

Diseases treated include oedema due to peripheral circulatory problems (e.g. chronic venous insufficiency, peripheral arterial disease), oedema due hereditary problems or due to surgery, such as primary or secondary oedema, lymphoedema, phleboedema and lipoedema.

Lymphatic drainage of the abdomen can help in cases of constipation, however cannot help the reduction of cellulite.

Compression therapy is multilayer bandaging useful prior to conventional compression therapy (stockings) in order to greatly reduce oedema. Several bands of different elasticities are applied to allow an excellent return of lymph. It is very effective in the presence of varicose ulcers. Compression therapy is effective in combination with lymphatic drainage.